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Since 1635 Bali opened her hands for any business with European people. Through a letter written on a 'lontar' (ron ental - traditional paper made of dried palm leaf) King Dewa Agung Dalem Dimade from Gelgel (Klungkung) invited the Portugese in Malaya to come to Bali for business and also to teach about Christianity. No historical information recorded after this. Then, the history wrote that the Dutch arrived later. As the Dutch admired Bali so much, they did not do a same style of colonization as what they did in other part of Indonesia. Actually they wanted to keep Bali as an alive museum about old Majapahit. For its unique culture and beutiful landscape, from that moment, from day to day, Bali has been being visited by more and more visitors from all parts of the world. It becomes busier after the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia. As happening with other parts of the world, then Bali changes a lot. But, people still comes to get the real Bali experience.

When you come to Bali, it does not mean you will feel Bali experience. If you stand at a wrong position, then you will never feel real Bali experience. In fact, since you come to Bali, then you need to feel the real Bali. What to do to find it? Come and we will assist you! Staying at a Bali homes or Bali Villas located close to the genuine villagers is the answer!

Idealism Of Nice Rate
Bali Nice Rate is one of the very first website portfolio for private villa rental in Bali. When it was found in 20-02-2002, the founder imagined about the meaning of 'nice'. He said, "Nice is not cheap! Nice does not mean cheaper than others. Nice is something great but with a deep feeling to construct happiness in mind. Rate is not only about price but is related with value and quality. So, the idealism of Nice Rate is a rate with great services. It is sometimes with better price, however the point is not on the price but on the package and services. Quality of the price proposed!" Mission of Bali Nice Rate Villas is to provide you great quality of services for any price you pay for in a Bali Villas. 

Recently there are thousands agents for Bali Villa Rental, operated by local Balinese or foreigners, directed from Bali or overseas. Bali is not only for Balinese, but Bali is for the world. For having yearly experience on this business field, we invite you to use our services. Quick, good personal touch, and secured.

Bali Nice Rate A Booking Agent
We started this business when website technology was still an exclusive one. Today, on this modern age, every villa has its own proper website! You may make a direct booking quickly. For that, some people say that at this stage service of any agent is not required anymore. This opinion is not fully correct. Agent, as third part, is definitely still required! You need fair judgement about the fact of a villa from a reliable person! You need a third part to be legal witness! You need third part as mediator between you and villa! You need third part as your 'good assistant' to talk with a 'potentially naughty' villa owner or management! Basically agent may work as your reliable assistant.

As its idealism, Bali Nice Rate is not only a simple booking agent! We even work much further! We have wide range of Bali private villa for rent located at all parts of Bali. We know every villa in detail and certainly also its management. We have yearly experience in providing you the best service as we know quality and we understand what you need. To avoid you from confusion, we open our hand for any question. You may discuss your every single need with us until you get the best you expect.

Bali Nice Rate is supported by yearly experienced drivers; they are friendly, kind and helpful. After confirming and settling everything, upon your arrival at the airport our drivers will greet you and bring you to the confirmed villa. On the way to villa, in case you need to stop at any supermarket to purchase basic needs, they will suggest you good supermarket. In the case you want to change your currency, they will show you a reliable and trustworthy money changer! During your staying at the villa, we will keep checking your situation through the management. In case you are facing trouble at villa, we will assist the management to get a fair solution, either for you or for the villa. If the business aspect is good, we will even provide you special service such as VIP Custom Clearance, or free relaxation massage or free stand-by car with driver! Why not? And, last but not the least, our experienced driver is our right hand whom you can discuss with. Finally on your departure, our drivers are ready to bring you to airport on time. 

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